On Learning

Growing up, I was blessed by two parents that encouraged my curiosity and always tried to foster my independence in learning. I have to say that the result was a sense of the pure pleasure of learning. Resources and opportunities were always provided so I could follow my interests. And, my parents wanted to know […]

What’s on my mind as we continue with the challenge of the corona virus

I do not doubt the seriousness of the challenge and risks we face with the corona virus. I believe the doctors, scientists, and medical/health experts. These people have the training, education, and experience to make their advice very valuable and worth paying attention to in a time like this. I do not understand why the […]

A Vermonter Talks About Being Ready for the Corona Virus (Connee Virus)

A little bit about hoarding – I am a Vermonter and being ready for the whatever is coming is in our genes. My earliest memories of both my grandparents are of they’re having shelves down cellar stocked. My grandfather always bought food he used all the time by the case – it was also cheaper […]