A Bit About Our Inflation and the Politics Of

In the early days of the pandemic there was great fear our economy would collapse, and the fear was appropriate. We inacted many policies and pumped all kinds of money into the economy to keep it afloat like mulitple stimulus checks, PPP loans/grants for businesses to keep payrolls going, extended and expanded unemployment benefits, more generous child tax credits, and other ways to pump money and liquidity into the economy.

Bear in mind, this was all before Biden took office. I thought at the time all of this was happening, boy, if we don’t create some fantastic inflationary pressures with all of this, I don’t know what will. I think the need for economic help was more important that the potential inflation that would result.

Ok, here is where I fault, both parties, and especially the Democrats as they are the party that took over after the election of 2020. None of what I am presenting here is economic rocket science. It was all pretty much inevitable given the measures that were taken during the pandemic. Why, and I say WHY with emphasis, not tell the American people what the deal was right up front? I cannot understand this. It should have been done and it still should be done.

The havoc resulting with supply chains and then the global oil market chaos due to the Ukraine war have all made the global inflationary pressures worse. Why not just talk to us. Let us know up front what the potential costs and tipping points are with policies. We need leadership that will level with us and quit playing politics. The needs and seriousness of the issues are too great to be treated as we have been.

We have suffered with poor leadership from both parties for too long. They seem to be only motivated by power and money. I tire of our politics as I see it as being self-destructive.

Take care,

Ed Pirie,

West Topsham, Vermont

Published by Ed Pirie

I am a Vermonter, been one all my life. That just about tells you all you need to know. I am not much of a follower and like to do my own thinking. I value my family and a quiet existence in a very rural part of Vermont. There is a lot in the world I do not understand. My writing is my attempt to wrap my head around much that is swirling around me. Some time ago gasoline pumps changed to the way they look now. I had stopped to fill my Jeep and I could not get the gas to pump to save my life. I went inside and complained to the attendant. She knew me and said, "Ed, the whole world is changing and if you don't figure out the changes you are going to fall off the earth as it spins around." Well, I am not always successful figuring out the changes, but my writing is my way of working through some of them. I hope you enjoy.

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