The “World on Fire” Redux

Deborah Von Brod: “Ukranians fleeing with their pets.”

This is so wrong and sad as well. The world has not come very far from the Hitler that brought the world to war on September 1st, 1939 with his invasion of Poland. Also, a faked “false flag” affair when Hitler dressed some of the German military in Polish uniforms and staged an attack on a German radio station in Germany so he could justify attacking Poland and lighting the “world on fire.” Germany was joined in the attack on Poland by Russia (the Soviet Union) as both Russia and Germany had just signed the Molotov von Ribbentrop Pact to partition Poland between them. Hitler further justified the Nazi attack by accusing Poles of persecuting ethnic Germans living in Poland.

Does this all sound familiar now? Is this what is happening again? It sure looks like it, and Putin is best described by former Sec. of Defense under Bush and Obama, Robert Gates, who described meeting Putin as, “…looking into the eyes of a stone-cold killer…”

I hope some of you are remembering Trump’s “perfect phone call,” the catalyst for his 1st impeachment, where he tried to use military aid already voted for by Congress as a bargaining chip to get the president of the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden. Ukraine desperately needed that military aid and it had been approved by our Congress and voted. Trump should have been impeached then, but cheap politics got in the way as it did with the 2nd impeachment of Trump after the attack on our Capitol January 6th.

History is right there for all of us to know and learn from, but we need to choose to learn and remember.

I worry about the march of authoritarianism that seems to be the curse of the world again. Take care and my prayers to those folks in harm’s way. This does not need to be. This is cold blooded murder. Not one of us can rightfully defend this.

Published by Ed Pirie

I am a native Vermonter. I am a child of the 50s, 1951 to be exact. For much of my youth Vermont had one foot in the 19th century and one in the 20th century. The old ways coexisted with a world that was changing. We were sort of insulated in Vermont from much that was happening outside our state, but our little protective bubble was shrinking. My understanding of today has been greatly influenced by the past as the past was always part of our present in the Vermont of the 1950s and even the 60s. I am not much of a follower and like to do my own thinking. You will find my thoughts on many topics here. I value my family and a quiet existence in a very rural part of Vermont. I try to write clearly and simply. I hope you enjoy and thank you for visiting my site. Take care.

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