Pointing Out Some Hypocrisy

I noticed that the state of Louisiana has issued evacuation orders to its citizens in the path of incoming Hurricane Ida. These orders are being made to protect the citizens of Louisiana and provide for public safety. This can easily be described as an order that restricts or takes away individual rights.

Historically, states in the path of direct hits by hurricanes have issued this kind of public safety order, and yes, they restrict individual rights when they do this in the name of the common good. By the way, Louisiana has about a 40% rate of vaccination and its health care system is on the verge of collapse. As a nation we are now over 1000 Covid deaths per day. We are back to the horrible numbers of the worst period of the pandemic.

Ok, what is the difference between ordering vaccinations in the name of the common good and for the safety of the public and issuing evacuation orders for citizens in the path of an incoming hurricane? It seems there is a huge contradiction here about a state being able to restrict individual rights in the name of public safety and the common good. Louisiana just torpedoed the argument made by so many of the states in the South. This exposes the pure partisanship and politics of states like Florida, Texas, and other southern states refusing to require vaccinations, masks, and other means of protecting the public.

It is not hard to see through this hypocrisy. I am tired of the South and southern politicians. They can all go to hell in a hand basket. Maybe they can get a job in hell handing out masks to the other residents.

Published by Ed Pirie

I am a Vermonter, been one all my life. That just about tells you all you need to know. I am not much of a follower and like to do my own thinking. I value my family and a quiet existence in a very rural part of Vermont. There is a lot in the world I do not understand. My writing is my attempt to wrap my head around much that is swirling around me. Some time ago gasoline pumps changed to the way they look now. I had stopped to fill my Jeep and I could not get the gas to pump to save my life. I went inside and complained to the attendant. She knew me and said, "Ed, the whole world is changing and if you don't figure out the changes you are going to fall off the earth as it spins around." Well, I am not always successful figuring out the changes, but my writing is my way of working through some of them. I hope you enjoy.

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