Opinions are great…

I think opinions are great – I have many myself. But, uninformed opinions are what self-deception is all about. Be informed with facts and the truth, and not just from the source that seems to coddle your uninformed opinions. That’s the last place you want to go to learn about anything.

Most of us went to school for a good part of our formative years. The biggest job school had was to teach us how to learn. This may be where we need to start – learning how to learn.

Be skeptical of most group mentalities. If there is a crowd and they are all shouting the same thing, walk away, unless you are at a ball game, because that is the mentality you will find in a crowd. It is wonderful and fun to root for your favorite sports team. You do not have to think, just get caught up in the enthusiasm. This is recreation, this is not learning or supporting ideas.
This is where politics is today – a bunch of people caught up in a crowd, not having to think, just getting caught up in the enthusiasm of the crowd. The politicians know this – they actually are thinking about how to get your support. I think they call this herd mentality.

We have brains and the ability to think. It is probably one of the most pleasurable exercises we can have. Brains are shut down when we are part of the herd. Again, politicians/demagogues depend upon herd mentalities.

It is interesting that I can say all of this without pointing any fingers, yet we all can connect the dots, if you think about what I said.

Take care and be safe.

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