Impeachment Does Overturn the Results of an Election – That’s the Intention of Impeachment

The Founding Fathers worried about a president like President Trump. They wrote about their fears, and they wrote about when impeachment would be a necessary remedy. Yes, it overturns the results of an election, and it has rarely been used in our history. We are at one of those times now when the acts of an elected official betray his oath to the Constitution and the lawful conduct of a president.

We all should view the potential impeachment of President Trump as very serious, and not look at this impeachment through the lens of partisanship. Our politicians were able to do this during the Nixon presidency. We need to find the same higher calling to providing good government, and not some misplaced loyalties to a political party.

An outside observer sees a country deeply divided, not about being Americans, but divided over the hyper partisanship of political parties. The last time we were like this was during the period leading up to the Civil War. Only now, there is no institution of slavery that we are divided over, we are divided because our political parties sense they benefit from this divide. The parties exacerbate and fan the flames of division. If America shipwrecks on some rocky shoals, it will be the shoals of hyper partisanship.

Any act to invite foreign intervention in our politics or elections whether it is asking the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton, meet with Russians to get dirt on an opponent, asking Ukraine to investigate a political opponent and his son, or asking China to investigate Hunter Biden should be a crime, and are a pattern of conduct that should be impeachable.

There is nothing here that is patriotic or American. Trump has no respect or sense of duty to our Constitution and the norms of conduct for a president. He behaves just like he boasted in the Access Hollywood tapes – like he has privilege and can do whatever he wants because of his privilege. This is the way a crime boss acts, not a president.

When this presidency is ended, whether through impeachment or the ballot box, we need leadership that will bring this nation back together. Any leader that campaigns on the issues of division and hatred is not a leader America needs. We need to remember how to compromise and find a common path that will benefit America, and not just one party at the expense of the other. We need to reject the leadership of division and hatred before it destroys us.

Published by Ed Pirie

I am a native Vermonter. I am a child of the 50s, 1951 to be exact. For much of my youth Vermont had one foot in the 19th century and one in the 20th century. The old ways coexisted with a world that was changing. We were sort of insulated in Vermont from much that was happening outside our state, but our little protective bubble was shrinking. My understanding of today has been greatly influenced by the past as the past was always part of our present in the Vermont of the 1950s and even the 60s. I am not much of a follower and like to do my own thinking. You will find my thoughts on many topics here. I value my family and a quiet existence in a very rural part of Vermont. I try to write clearly and simply. I hope you enjoy and thank you for visiting my site. Take care.

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