Hi, and welcome to my blog, “West Topsham Views.” My name is Ed Pirie, and if you are not familiar with West Topsham, I will help you with the geography. West Topsham is a small village in the town of Topsham, Vermont. The population of Topsham, Vermont is about 1200 people. The village of West Topsham has about a dozen houses, a church, a general store, a post office, a fire house for the volunteer fire department, a cemetery, and a Grange Hall. If you look at a map, you will find the town of Topsham in eastern central Vermont and in Orange County. The town is about 20 miles west of the Connecticut River and New Hampshire.

Ok, the geography is settled. As you might guess, I like life on a small scale. I was born in Vermont and I have lived here for most of my 68 years. This is where my roots are. I cannot bear the thought of ever leaving. I have tried this once and hurried back after a brief stay in Connecticut. My wife and I have raised our family here and my children now have families of their own and they also live in the town of Topsham. My grandchildren are close by and we are spoiled being able to see them often.

This blog is a new adventure and I am excited to have a place where I can share my thoughts and have some good conversations. I think you will find my writing to be casual and respectful. I am a great student of history, an educator, and I will often use my understanding of history to support and anchor my commentary made here. Politically, I am an independent. I cannot bear to let anyone do my thinking for me. I want to reach my own conclusions after a careful look at the evidence and issues.

I am more than concerned about the current state of affairs in this country. This will come out in later posts. I will not leave you guessing as to what I think, but you will find I do not get to my conclusions without being careful and marshaling evidence to support my point of view.

I borrowed the “Pathfinder” from James Fenimore Cooper. I have always enjoyed the woods and finding a way. The paths we choose and the paths yet to be taken are not always clear at the outset. A good look at the lay of the land, and the places we have been can help point us in the right direction going forward. I like to think our compasses share the same cardinal directions, and north for me is also north for you. Our destination should be a good one for all of us.

I also hope to use this space to share some human interest stories. I enjoy telling a story and find most of life very interesting and fun to share. I live where I can be very close to nature and the world of natural science has great fascination for me. I like to garden and raise food. I have a small flock of chickens, currently twelve, and collect the eggs from my girls every morning. These chickens are really pets and share my life with my English Cocker Spaniel, Olliver, and our little Silky, Poppie. I guess you could say, I am their human.

Well, this is a start. Please come back and I will have more to share. I am anxious to get started.

Published by Ed Pirie

I am a Vermonter, been one all my life. That just about tells you all you need to know. I am not much of a follower and like to do my own thinking. I value my family and a quiet existence in a very rural part of Vermont. There is a lot in the world I do not understand. My writing is my attempt to wrap my head around much that is swirling around me. Some time ago gasoline pumps changed to the way they look now. I had stopped to fill my Jeep and I could not get the gas to pump to save my life. I went inside and complained to the attendant. She knew me and said, "Ed, the whole world is changing and if you don't figure out the changes you are going to fall off the earth as it spins around." Well, I am not always successful figuring out the changes, but my writing is my way of working through some of them. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Great to see you launching in this format. Your comments have always been intelligent, thoughtful and reasoned. I look forward to following your musings in the days ahead. It might even motivate me to write more often. But, that’s just a minor downside.


  2. I am beyond thrilled that you’ve started this new venture. I look forward to reading your articulate and thoughtful words.


  3. I am so happy that you are doing this, Eddie. You seem to beautifully articulate many of our feelings/opinions. I eagerly look forward to reading your thoughts.


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