Welcome to West Topsham Views

This is my view looking east down the Waits River Valley on Vermont Route 25. As you can see, it is a very rural setting with mostly mountains and forests. It is a simple setting mostly uncluttered by life in the 21st century. This is where I get my peace and clarity of mind. This is where I have time to think and be with my thoughts.

You will find some of my thoughts here on this blog – those I was able to capture and put in writing. I am somewhat of a thinker and also independent in my thinking. I refuse to let anyone do my thinking for me. My thoughts are mine and here to share if you are interested. I make no claim on being right or having the best ideas, but they are my ideas. I try not to insist on my thinking, but I do share it as it is. Come to your own conclusions as I have. This is the organizing premise here – come to your own conclusions as I have.

I am going to bounce around between comments on our present place in time and then some happier thoughts about a rural life and education. I spent a good part of my life as an educator and I have some thoughts about the business of learning. A warning, I worked in alternative education programs for at-risk young adults and thinking outside the box was the process of finding what worked. I tend to believe that what worked for my students would work for all students as I really pulled from my history and experience as a life-long learner.

I will also share some pieces dedicated to rural life in Vermont – something very dear to me. This is my home and my happy place. This is where I have roots and those in my family that have passed have their final resting place. I am also a 3rd generation American so the idea of America being a welcoming place and land of opportunity for all is important to me.

Please enjoy if you are so inclined.

Thank you for visiting with me and take care.

Ed Pirie